We have newly implemented new features allowing you to view your recent activity performed on your PlugShare account. This will help you quickly find reviews, check-ins, and other actions you have performed.

To view your Recent Viewed, use the mouse to hover over your profile name and left click this

A new menu will appear defaulting to "Recently Viewed". This will show the last ten (10) stations you have viewed in PlugShare

You may scroll down and click "View More" allowing you to populate the next 10 searches you have recently made. If you wish to view an older viewing, please continue to click "View More" until your search is found.

You can also use this as a quick port to leave a check-in by using the thumbs up, thumbs down, and leave a comment on a station

This will automatically direct you to the check-in menu for the specific station where you can proceed with your check-in

"My Activity" will list all check-ins, uploaded photos, locations you have added to PlugShare, etc. made from your PlugShare profile.

Like "Recently Viewed", the last 10 check-ins you have made will be populated. You may click "View More" to show the next 10 check-ins.

If you see any issues or have any questions, please contact us at "info@plugshare.com". Thank you and happy charging!