You must be logged into your PlugShare account to activate Pay With PlugShare.

Please note you are using a real payment method and will be charged for your Pay With PlugShare  charging session.

Pay With PlugShare is currently available on Sema, Webasto and Innogy stations in the US and in Germany. Please check step 1 to see if there are any Pay With PlugShare enabled locations near you.

Below are steps to be taken to complete a payment using our Pay with PlugShare feature:

1. You can search for charging locations offering Pay with PlugShare  by going to Filters -> Extras -> Accepts Pay with PlugShare

(note: this filter is currently only available in US/Germany and surrounding regions)

2. Once you find a location you want to charge at, you will find the Pay with PlugShare button in the details pane.

3. Click the Pay with PlugShare button to load station information.

4. Select the station you want to charge at, and it should bring up the payment information.

5. Add a new payment method if you have not yet done so, or select an existing one.

We also support Apple Pay (Safari browser only) and Google Pay (Note - these must be set up on your devices beforehand)

6. When you are ready to charge, click Pay Now.

The service will attempt to make payment/authorize a hold, and when successful it will signal the station to activate charging. At this point, you can view your current charging status.

You can come back to this view via "View Active Charging Session" button that appears below the search bar, or going to your Pay with PlugShare History tab under the menu.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or experience any issues, please use the "Submit Feedback" form or contact us at

Thank you and happy charging!