The ability to filter by charging power has been a popular request lately as charging providers and manufacturers are ramping up maximum power intake levels.

For the past few months we've been busy acquiring and verifying power level data in North America in order to have a satisfactory starting point for power filters to work off of.

Note: Power Filters are currently only available in North America. We will continue rolling this out to other regions as we obtain and fill out power data information for charging stations around the world.

Let's get started. To use the Power Filter, there are two requirements to get it to show up:

1) Set your Region to North America.

To adjust your Region, go to Settings in the menu list: 

2) Make sure you have a Level 3 plug type enabled. This will be Supercharger, CCS/SAE, or CHAdeMO.

We currently only support Power filtering on these Level 3 plugs, but in the future we plan to expand to include Level 2 plug types as well.

Once you have those two prerequisites set up, the Minimum Power filter will show up (as shown above).

Things to note about Power Filters:

When you set a Minimum Power, that means all remaining charging location pins that show up on the map will have at least XX power.

So if you set it 50 kW, there will be stations at 50, 70, 100, 120, 150, etc.

The breakpoints [0, 50, 70, 120] were based on the most common levels of power in our charging data.

 The filters have a small amount of leeway, so for example the 50 breakpoint will show chargers with 48 kW power.

Important: If a location has no power data, it will be filtered out!

At PlugShare, we try to provide the best quality data available. However as new locations are being added by users everyday, many of those will not contain complete information, including that of power data.

That means while Power Filters may be a useful tool, you may still want to check areas with the filter off especially in sparsely populated areas because you may end up finding what you need actually exists there!

We're working with a lot of companies and providers to get access to official feeds and have been increasing our outreach to international networks so international users, be assured - we have you in mind!

Viewing Power Data:

Now that you have the filters working, we also added some quality of life improvements into displaying power data on locations.

At a glance on a location view, you'll see the power levels at the top. If there's more than one plug with power data, it'll display a range:

When you scroll down to the Plugs section, you can see the breakdown of power levels by plug type:

And finally, when you click More Details, you will see the power levels of individual plugs:

As always, Questions? Comments? Send us some feedback at "" and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for being part of the PlugShare community and we hope you enjoy this new feature!