From the main page, hover your mouse over "My Vehicle" on the top right corner where a scroll down will appear. From here, again hover over and click "Manage Vehicles"

Alternatively, this can also be found when looking through the "Filters" section under "Plugs for my (car listed)"

A pop up will appear showing the cars you have listed in your profile. Please note you may add up to four (4) vehicles to your PlugShare profile. Click "Add New" to include a new car to your settings.

Select the "Make", Model", "Trim", and "Color". Once added, click "Add Vehicle" to add this to your profile. Please note not all vehicles will be included within this list. As new make and models come out, we'll be sure to update the options. If you do not see your vehicles from our selection, please contact us at "" and along with the details so we can make this as an addition to our menu.

When you have a vehicle selected, we now show plugs based on compatibility to make it easier for users to only choose between plugs your vehicle support by default, or with an adapter. However, you can still view the rest of our plug filters by looking at the "Other Plugs" section and clicking "Show All".

Additionally, you may click "Plug filters match my vehicle defaults" where our system will only checkmark plugs that are compatible with your car. Your plug filter settings will be saved to your vehicle profiles so you can just configure them once and easily switch between your vehicles and maintain your usual plug filter settings.

Now when you use the "Check In" feature, you can easily select which vehicle you are currently driving to provide an accurate checkin!

If you have ant questions, comments, or concerns, please send us some feedback aat "" and we'll be happy to get back to you. Thank