"I have more than one electric vehicle. How do I add another EV to my account?"

As the prevalence of electric vehicles continue to expand, many individuals are starting to add their second (or more) EV to their household.

One common problem has been checking in - it keeps showing the wrong vehicle because I'm checking in with my other one!

As many of you have asked for multi vehicle support, here it is. Let's get straight into it.

Begin the process of adding a New Vehicle in one of two ways:

Go to your vehicle(s) on the top right corner and click Manage Vehicles:

Alternatively, go to your filters and go to the vehicle selector and select Manage Vehicles:

This will bring up your vehicles screen. Click Add New and add another vehicle just like you did your first:

Note: You can add up to 4 vehicles.

When you have a vehicle selected, we now show plugs based on compatibility to make it easier for users to only choose between plugs your vehicle support by default, or with an adapter.

You can still view the rest of our plug filters by looking at the Other Plugs section and clicking SHOW ALL.

Your plug filter settings will be saved to your vehicle profiles so you can just configure them once and easily switch between your vehicles and maintain your usual plug filter settings.

(note: only plug filters are synced, other filters do not change)

Now when you Check In, you can easily select which vehicle you are currently driving to provide an accurate checkin!

Questions? Comments? Send us some feedback and we'll get back to you. Thanks for being part of the PlugShare community, and we hope you enjoy this new feature!