Charging access and payment methods depend on the specific charging network the station is operated by. Some require monthly memberships, RFID cards, or key fobs.

We have a convenient in app payment method, Pay with PlugShare, that allows you to simply pay for a charging session with your credit card. Pay with PlugShare is available at SemaConnect and Innogy stations. We have plans to expand Pay with PlugShare with additional networks in the future. Here is a link with more information: Pay with PlugShare FAQ Home Page

We do not own or operate any charging stations located within our map. For issues that occur with a charging station, please be in contact with the operator listed on the station. Below are a list of some US network providers and their support contact:

PlugShare is the most popular charging station locator with the largest database of charging stations. We cover all the different networks, non-networked stations, and PlugShare members who have decided to share their residential charger for use in a pinch. You do not need a membership or payment card to access PlugShare. Here is a link to our general FAQ for more information: PlugShare FAQs