Trip Planner has been implemented within our mobile version of PlugShare allowing you to use this feature on the go!

Below are steps to help you access and use this handy tool.

Loading previously saved trip

When on the main UI of the app, locate "Trips" at the bottom of the page

A list of saved trips will populate that you have previously saved to your profile.

A map will appear showing the marked charge stations you have saved

We suggest clicking the first mark you have on your trip providing information in the "Select a location" area. Click the "Directions" icon where another pop up will appear for your mobile phone's map application or copy the address.

Map directions will appear taking you to the marked location. When you have reached your destination, please re-open Trip Planner and repeat the process for your next saved location.

Adding a trip using mobile version

As mentioned in the previous steps above, click "Trips" at the bottom of the main UI followed by the "+" on the next screen.

A new menu will appear allowing you to add the "To" and "From" locations for your trip. Your vehicle, vehicle range, and starting vehicle range will default to what you have saved on your profile. Additionally, the range will change automatically based off the vehicle you have saved. After all changes have been made, click "Find Routes" at the bottom of the page.

The map will appear showing multiple routes you can take to your destination. Choose the route that is best for you and click "Continue". By default, the fastest route will be chosen at the first option.

Click the station you wish to make a stop at and charge on your route. When you have made your choice, click "Add to trip" to save this location.

Continue to add routes until you have reached your destination.

By default, when the length of your remaining miles is shorter than the maximum range a full charge for your vehicle, a pop up will appear asking you to save your trip. Select the name you wish and click "Save" to add this to your Trip Planner list.

To download the latest version of PlugShare, please use the following links below

PlugShare for iOS:

PlugShare for Android: