Filters help our users find the stations/locations as quick and easy as possible! We have recently updated our filters allowing more options to find the station you are looking for. Below we'll give you a great breakdown of each to help you with choices.


To begin, please locate the menu icon near the top left corner and click this. A drop down will appear and ask to click the second option labeled "Filters". Click this to open the menu.

A number of choices will appear which include: Plugs, Minimum Power, Networks, Include, Amenities, Minimum PlugScore, and Extras. Do note that if you have selected a vehicle to your profile, we will automatically default your settings with the necessary filters. You are welcome to add more filters at any time.

First, we'll go over "Plugs". As previously mentioned, if you have a registered car on your profile, the default plugs will appear as checked. However, you may click the "Show All" and "Toggle All" to view more locations in the area.

Next is Minimum Power. A bar scale is displayed showing the minimum kilowatts (kW) you would like to have for displayed charger station.

Networks allowing you to find stations of charging companies that have installed their stations. This is helpful for users who have a payment fob, card, etc. with that company to provide easy payment, which can also be used with our Pay with PlugShare feature.

"Include" helps filter additional features where a a station could be coming soon, in-use, and most importantly if a payment is required. We strongly suggest for you to turn this filter on as this could render your populated list as most stations require a payment.

Amenities help find local accommodations while you are charging your vehicle. Another helpful tool in case other requests you desire arrive at the same time.

Minimum PlugScore allow you to locate user rated stations that are to the need you have. Scores will always be from user's own experience, which will also have their written reviews as well.

Finally, our "Extras" tab allows you to filter locations that accept Pay with PlugShare. Currently, we are working with some vendors we have partnered with to grant this service. Please note this may remove may results. We will continue to add more vendors as time goes on.

We are welcome to suggestions and value our users thoughts and opinions. If you have any you think would be a great addition to our platform, please contact us at "" any time!