Filter the visible markers based on your vehicle and more! Applicable filters are based on your region so make sure to update it to the correct area! On the drop down menu under 'Legend' click on 'Filters' to pull up all of your options:


To make sure your Plug and Network options are correctly displayed select 'Region' and click on the specific region you're in: 

Then, click on 'Plugs' to filter out any incompatible locations from your map view: 

Scroll down and click on 'Networks' to select the specific ones you want shown: 

To set other preferences like view free locations only, look at 'Restricted Access' listings, check out shared residential chargers or locations currently in use, click on 'Include' and to filter by type of amenity, click on the last filter tab labeled 'Amenities': 

Filtering out locations with a low PlugScore is a great way to make sure you find reliable charging. To learn more about what a PlugScore is click on this FAQ link: What is the green number to the left of the station label?