Leave a review about your charging station experience! Tap on the station icon and proceed to tap on the charger label:

Next, tap on the floating orange "Check In" button located at the bottom of the screen:

Choose from the list of check-in options and leave any information or tips you would like to share with the rest of the plug-in vehicle community!

1. Charging Now

Select the connector you are charging on, let others know how long you plan to charge for, and add the max volts and amps:

2. Waiting to charge

Let others know you are waiting to use a charger and how long you will be there for:

3. Successfully charged

Be sure to enter the power level info:

4. Could not charge

Leave a quick comment about the issues you experienced while trying to charge:

Tap on "Problem" and choose from the list of options: 

Checking-in while you charge and letting others know about your charging experience really helps out other drivers. By letting the rest of the community know how long you plan to charge or if you ran into a problem with a charging station, you can save a lot of time for the next person. If you find a killer coffee shop nearby, you should be sure to include that in your review as well!

Don't forget to check out when you are done charging so others know the station is available: 

Tap the orange "CHECK OUT" button to show the station is available for use.