Our users are constantly adding new stations; if you find a station we aren't tracking, please add it! Our database is maintained as a joint effort between us, our users, and our charging network partners. By crowd-sourcing this effort we can provide the most up-to-date station information available.

If you have a public station to add, go to the main menu and select "Add Public Station", which will take you to this screen:

After filling in as much information as you can, add the number of stations and type of outlets: 

Next, tap on "stations" to add more and edit outlet types and charging network: 

Tap on "Add Amenities" if the location is near dining or lodging: 

When you are done adding all the station details, tap on "Submit" in the upper righthand corner of the screen. To go back and edit the station information after it has been posted, tap on the station icon to open the description details screen and tap on "Edit":