PlugShare supports finding nearby stations. Make sure your location services are enabled on your handheld device.

On the main menu go to "Map", then tap on the filters icon in the upper righthand corner of the screen. Next, switch the toggles ON for all stations types, specific outlets, and charging networks you want shown on the map:

** Switching "Requires Fee" toggle on will display chargers that require payment AND free stations**

Scroll down and tap on "Connectors" to manually choose which connector types you want to see on your map: 

If you have your vehicle profile setup you will see the option at the top to "Reset connectors to my ___" This allows you to filter out all incompatible chargers based on your vehicle type.

Tap on "Networks" to see a list of the available network filter options: 

Tap on the location crosshair button in the upper right of the map. Tapping this will zoom the map to your location. For finding locations around a destination, you can search for a zip code, location name, city name etc. by clicking on the search icon in the upper righthand corner of the screen.