Blue icons are residential chargers that have been shared by PlugSharers. Orange icons are public stations with quick charge ports. Grey icons are public stations that are in use or otherwise unavailable. All other public ( level 1 and level 2 ) stations are green.

If you see a station listing with a wrench symbol in the map icon, it means you need to take a closer look at that location because the station(s) are either under repair or coming soon. 

If there is a charging station location that is not yet installed or online for public use, but will be active and available for EV charging within 30 days of being listed on our map, we mark the listing as 'Coming Soon'. The station icon will also have a wrench symbol, but if you click on the icon to view the station details window it will have the text (Coming Soon) following the location name: 

If you come across a station listing that is no longer 'Under Repair' or 'Coming Soon' and needs to be updated please flag the location or let our team know by sending an email to with the location name or address.