Our users are constantly adding new stations; if you find a station we aren't tracking, please add it! Our database is maintained as a joint effort between us, our users, and our charging network partners. By crowd-sourcing this effort we can provide the most up-to-date station information available.

If you have a public station to add, go to the main map screen and tap on the "add station" icon in the upper lefthand corner: 

Next, you will see this screen where you can type in the new location:

This could pop up if our system already detects a charger at that location: 

If the location already exists tap on "Cancel New Location", If we do not have the station tap on "Continue Adding Location" and fill in as many details about the station you can provide:

**Name and Stations are required to save and add a new location, but please fill in as much information as you can**

Tap on "Stations" and then "+ Add a station" in the bottom grey tab to add the charging station(s) that are available at the new location: 

After tapping on "+ Add a station", select the plug types: 

Next, if the station is networked, select the charging network: 

Tap on "Save" in the upper righthand corner: 

If there are multiple stations with the same plug type, tap on "Duplicate": 

To add another station with different plug types, tap on "+ Add a station" again.

Review your station summary and then tap on "save": 

And finally, add a photo to your newly added charging station listing: 

You can always go back and edit the station description details or number/type of plugs at any time while logged into your PlugShare account.