On the map view, tap the route icon on the right side of the screen:

Enter your starting and ending destinations and select your vehicle range: 

You can also set your starting vehicle range if you aren't fully charged when beginning your trip:

Tap "Find Route" and then select your preferred route if more than one option is displayed:

Tap on "Continue" to view your planned route and select charging locations along the way: 

To add a charging station to your route tap on the station icon and then tap on the "Add to trip" tab.

To view or edit your saved locations, tap on "View List" at the bottom of the screen:

To delete a saved location, swipe to the left and tap on the red "Delete" option to remove the station from your route: 

Tap on "Hide List" to view your mapped route: 

If you want to save your route, tap on "Save" in the upper righthand corner of the list view: 

To view your saved trips, or start a new one, go to "Me" to view your PlugShare profile and then tap on "Trip Planner":

Tap on the + to start a new trip or tap on your saved trip to start the same route or edit it at any time. 

To delete a trip, swipe left to reveal the "delete" button

The Trip Planner automatically guides you to select the best charging stops by initially showing the best options only. 

After selecting your preferred route you'll see a dark grey banner at the top of the map-"Showing best options only": 

To view all station options, tap on "Show all".