On the main screen of the app, tap on "Me" next to "Map" on the lower tab bar: 

On the new screen, click "Switch Vehicle" or "Add Vehicle". This will depend if you currently have a registered vehicle to your profile

A list of vehicles will appear. If you would like to add a new car, click "Manage Vehicles"

Select one of the saved cars you have or click "Add" to include a new car (Note you can have 4 vehicles registered to your profile)

Scroll through the list of cars and select the type of vehicle you have

You can also customize your vehicle profile right down to the trim and color

Once selected, you'll need to confirm your choice by clicking "OK" under the company logo. You will need find your vehicle registered to your profile.

After adding a car to your profile, go back to the main screen and tap on the filters icon on the righthand side of the map. Scroll down to "My Vehicle" in your filter settings view. Here you will see your vehicle along with the plugs compatible with your car.

Plugs that can be used with your car will automatically be selected for you. However, you will have the choice to filter "incompatible plugs" if you wish to do so. If you wish to remove these, click "Reset outlet filters" to default to the plugs that work for your car.

Click closed once finished and the map will refresh with your filtered choices. Please let us know if you receive or run into any errors at "info@plugshare.com". Thank you!