We have implemented a feature called "Pay With PlugShare" allowing users to complete purchases for charging sessions. We'll show you a step by step process of using this function.

To help you get started, we strongly suggest for you to use the filter "Show only Pay With PlugShare"

Find a location that accepts Pay With PlugShare. A PWPS logo will be displayed in the middle of the description when the banner is clicked

When the banner has been clicked, a list of plugs at the location will be displayed. There will be two options available at this menu. "Pay" and "Unavailable". Pay can be accessed and is available to use while unavailable is currently in use, a station that is down/broken, or any inaccessible reason

Once "Pay" is clicked from the station you wish to use, another pop up will appear asking for your payment method. If you previously added your credit card to your Apply Pay account, you may use this as your payment method.

Additionally, you may click the right arrow and "Add a new payment source. Please note that only major credit cards will be accepted through this option.

Once you have verified your payment method, click "Confirm Charge" and your session will start shortly after confirmation

Please contact us at "*info@plugshare.com" if you have any questions. Thank you and happy charging!