Station listings that have the public editing feature unavailable have been locked by our in house admin team at the request of the charging network that operates the station, the business owner or property manager, or because the information has been verified.

These stations will have a "Report" function rather than an "Edit" button. In this case, the information cannot be edited, but instead details will be sent to PlugShare where we will check the data to see if what was provided is correct.

Provide as much information as you can when the new pop up appears then click "Report" when you have finished.

Finally, we do not allow users to directly remove old or incorrect listings/postings. If you would like to have a station/location removed, please contact us at "" along with detailed information of the station in question. We will be more than happy to update this for you!

If you come across a station listing that you are unable to edit please contact our team by sending an email with the location name or address and the details that need to be updated for that listing to