If you have lost or forgot your current password, we ask all users to use our "Forgot Password" feature so you may regain access to your account. We'll show you how this can be done both on our website and via app.

To begin, click the "Login" button located on the top right corner of the web version.

A new window will appear asking for your log in information. First, type the email of your account in the "Email" box. Once done, click "Forgot Password".

A new pop up will appear asking you to enter the email linked with your PlugShare account you would like to change the password to. Click "Submit" once entered.

An email will be sent where you can click "Reset Your Password" where the code will be entered for you or you may manually enter the six (6) digit code from the website pop-up. Finally enter the new password you wish to have for your account in the box "New Password". If you are not receiving the e-mail, check your spam inbox and make sure to whitelist "noreply@plugshare.com".

Your password will be reset and automatically signed into your PlugShare account. 

Please note your new password must contain at least 8 characters, one uppercase, one lowercase, one number.

If you have created an account with your Google or Apple account, you will need to change your password with the respective provider. The change password function will not work for these two log-ins as it is only designed for users who sign up with a PlugShare account via their email.