We have implemented a way for users to change their email address linked to their profile account from our web application. Currently, this is not available via app, but will work on adding this feature in the near future!

First, sign into your account from the PlugShare website: www.plugshare.com

Once signed in, use your mouse and click your profile tab

A new window will appear showing your account information. Locate the "Update Email" button and click this

Another pop up will appear listing your current email, current password, and new email to add. If you have forgot your password, please use our "Forgot Password" FAQ so you may change your password.

After pressing the "Change Email" button, you will need to go to your email domain and to verify. You may copy the verification code and click "Verify" as in this example or click the "Verify Email" button from the sent email. Please note if this step is not completed, you will continue to have your previous email linked to your PlugShare account.

When successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation and the change will reflect on your account information