To complete this, we ask you set up your vehicle to your PlugShare profile after successfully verifying your account. Once a vehicle is selected, our system will automatically filter out incompatible chargers within our "Filter" tab. To begin, click the blue banner at the top of the web page where a vehicle name is located next to your profile name 

A pop up will appear showing the vehicles you have registered to your account. Please note you may add up to four (4) vehicles to your profile. Add the make, model, trim, and color then click "Update Vehicle" to save this information. Additionally, we will add the type of chargers that can be used by your vehicle to the left of this screen.

If "Other" is chosen, all plugs will be applied by default as our system will not be able to determine which type of plug(s) to look for you.

As previously mentioned, our system will detect which plugs are compatible with your vehicle. This will be marked with a checkmark. If you wish to add more plugs to search for, please click the plug you would like to have populated or click the "Toggle All" button.